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Harvest bundles

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Harvest bundles

It’s been a long year where we’ve been lucky enough to be able to spend time nurturing our gardens, finally the fruits of our labour are almost ready to be plucked from the trees. 

The big question is, what are we going to do with the abundance of fruits which we have? For us, it’s been a bumper year for the pears on our tree, where the apples have been slightly slower. So, what can we do?

At Thatch & Stone we have created the Harvest Bundle which will help you make the most of your harvest over the next couple of months. 

For £299 our Harvest Bundle includes an 18-litre steel-based fruit press, 3-litre Oak Barrell, 5-litre Aluminium Pail (with lid) and a funnel. Perfect to get you started and up your fruit pressing game. Furthermore, the bundle includes a fruit crusher to take reduce your fruit pressing time.

When your harvest size is large, there’s no need to pulp your fruit with a fruit crusher. You can place it direct on top of your presser, crush fruit straight in to your press, reducing any lost juice and reducing your pressing time.

We want to see you using your Thatch & Stone purchases, from Bee’s wax wraps to clothes airers to fruit presses. Tag us on social media, for your chance to receive a 10% discount code.