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Can I order different size wooden laths?
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We offer a custom length service should our standard lengths not be quite right. We charge a £10 custom cut fee for bespoke orders. As an alternative, if you have the tools simply order a size larger and trim them at home. 

Can I use a ceiling airer on a sloping ceiling?
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Our clothes airers are capable of being mounted on a sloping ceiling. Just ensure that the airer is kept level to ensure it runs smoothly.  For correct operation remember that the airer will only be able to pulled as high as the lowest point on your roof.  To ensure smooth operation the pulley must also be fitted into the ceiling at an angle to the slope to ensure smooth running. 

Do you ship internationally?
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Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world with the exclusion of Canada and USA. Unfortunately due the size of our items we have to apply delivery charges for overseas orders.

Delivery costs for major European Union countries is usually £29 ( however certain EU countries incur an additional delivery surcharge due the size and weight of some of our products). This will be calculated at checkout and is dependent on the volume and weight of the items within your basket. Delivery within the EU zone is usually within 7 days. 

For clothes airers and shelf sets the shipping costs to non EU international destinations can be extremely expensive due to the length of the timber. To reduce the shipping cost significantly we are able to supply just the kit parts enabling you to source the timber in your own country. Please contact us directly for shipping costs stating your address and postal code and the items you wish to purchase.

We will endeavour to ensure that our courier service delivers goods according to schedule but we cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or costs resulting from the late delivery of goods. 

What payment methods do you accept?
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We accept most major credit and debit cards. We also offer Paypal, Apple, Google and Shopify pay checkout facilities. 

How long is your warranty?
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We provide a 1 year product warranty.

Do you wholesale?
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We are open to wholesale enquires please contact us at 

Where do I direct press requests?
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We are more than happy to lend products and provide photography for editorial purposes.  Just email and we will be happy to help. 

Want to know more about Klarna?
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