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3 Savings you could make by using a T&S pulley airer

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3 Savings you will make by switching to a Thatch & Stone pulley Airer this March …


Save money

With the current cost-of-living crisis, we know it is more and more important to find cost effective solutions to reduce rising household bills. 

Alternating your tumble dryer use with a Thatch & Stone clothes airer is a great way to start!

Despite the initial cost in investing in your pulley airer, savings made on household energy bills could cover the purchase cost within the first year of use. 

Made from heavy duty cast iron and available in a selection of colours & sizes, our clothes airers complement most home interiors and are designed to last to see many of your future interior changes. 

We all know tumble dryers provide us with convenience, ease & speed, but with the typical tumble dryer using around 2.50Kwh per cycle, they are also currently considered one of the most energy consuming appliances in our homes. 

So, making some changes to the weekly laundry routine could really help save those pennies! 

Save space 

Our ceiling pulley airers are the perfect space saving solution for large or small areas. 

Designed to suspend your laundry overhead whilst drying, freeing up floor space and removing unnecessary trip hazards. 

If mounted near a wall or the edge of the room, the airer can be used without disrupting your main space and if installed over a radiator or other heat source, drying time will be significantly improved.  

Save your clothes

Plenty of us have made the mistake of throwing an item of clothing into the tumble dryer that really shouldn’t have gone in there — often a favourite jumper — and are left questioning whether you got bigger, or that got smaller … 

Generally, we know that delicate fabrics should be kept out of the tumble dryer, but, in reality, most natural and synthetic fibres are susceptible to damage during the tumble drying process. 

The high heat of the dryer combined with the repetitive tossing motion reduces moisture and constricts the fabric fibres, ultimately wearing them down, damaging them and considerably reducing the lifespan of your laundry. 

So, ditch the dryer to stop your socks from shrinking, your blouses from wrinkling, and, most importantly — your rainy-day fund from dwindling.