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Fruit Press Buying Guide

Pressing your own fruit can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the right equipment you can effortlessly breeze through large volumes of produce and there is nothing quite as satisfying as your own fresh pressed drinks.  The first consideration should be the type of fruit that you want to press, as this will decide the type of press you need to buy.  If you are looking to press apples a wooden press with at least a 6 litre tub is the answer, you can also press soft fruits in these machines making them an extremely versatile option.  If you are looking to just press soft fruit the smaller aluminium presses we sell will do the job with pre pulped fruit effectively.  

Next up consider the size of the press.  Our wooden mixed fruit presses start with a 6 litre capacity, these are lightweight and easily used on a table top (handy if your back is not what it once was). In addition the smaller footprint makes them easy to tuck away.  If you have a fairly bountiful harvest every year then it’s worth considering a bigger press even if you are a hobby presser the benefit of a larger tub means that you can press greater volumes more quickly and reduce the number of times you need to empty the tub. Our medium presses (12 and 18 litre) are ideal if you have more than a couple of fruit trees in your garden.  If you are lucky enough to have a slightly bigger spread the 30 litre press is ideal for blitzing through large volumes.  Even with a larger press they can be disassembled fairly quickly once you’ve finished pressing if storage space is an issue.

We sell three different types of press that cater to all needs. Our mixed fruit presses feature beechwood press cage barrels held together by cast iron hoops. The cage can be raised to remove the crushed fruit residue. We offer a choice of strong oak or metal bases which are both durable and easy to clean.  The threaded press shafts are made of hardened machined steel and are engineered to withstand years of use. 

Our presses are simple to use. Once assembled pop the fruit in, place the pressure place on top and then site the additional wooden upright blocks to maximise the travel of the press so you extract as much juice as possible from the fruit.  The extra-long handle is comfortable to hold and maximises leverage whilst minimising effort.

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